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About Stellar IMS

Stellar IMS is the complete package: business operations system with online integration. Expandable, scalable, and adaptable.

In 2008 White Sunrise, LLC launched Stellar IMS, an inventory management system specifically designed for the marina industry. Stellar IMS manages inventory at marinas, including rental fleet, accessories, and more. Since its inception, Stellar IMS has grown from managing a small fleet of 30 boats to managing 100+ boating operations at multiple locations.

Stellar IMS shares reporting data, customer information, booking data, and more between multiple locations. This is accomplished while allowing the marinas to run location-only reports, including various sales and accounting reports.
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Stellar IMS has several key features which make it stand out from other inventory management systems:

  • Increase Sales
    • Helps create new revenue streams.
    • Makes the payment process easier for customers.
  • Information Security/Redundancy
    • Customer data is stored on a secure server with SSL level encryption.
    • Server backup processes create redundancy and make sure that the data is safe and sound.
  • Mobile/Remote Access
    • Information access from nearly anywhere with an Internet connection and a secure login.
    • Most functions can be accessed and performed on a mobile device.
  • Reporting and Sales Visibility
    • Reporting for sales numbers.
    • Reporting for financial and transaction data.
    • Reporting for bookings and sales.
  • Branding Flexibility
    • Create and integrate branding messages into the site and checkout process. These include company logos, colors messages, design elements, and more.
  • Residual Value
    • Collect and keep valuble customer data for ongoing marketing and reporting.
    • Make better business decisions based on the detailed customer and business information collected by the system.

Other System Notes

The Stellar IMS platform was designed based upon the best practices for the rental industry, using a knowledge base of rental professionals. Knowing that this is a changing industry, software updates are pushed automatically per our software agreements.

  Download a brochure with the latest information.

Latest Release Version: 2.5.1
2.5.1 Release: In January 2015, White Sunrise, LLC launched a point release to 2.5.1. For details on this point release please contact a sales representative.
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