Volusion To Magento

Move your online store from Volusion to Magento.

Volusion is a popular managed ecommerce system used by businesses who want to get their products online as quickly and easily as possible, but is this the best solution for you? Maybe it’s time for a move.

A Volusion store is managed by Volusion, whether on the business’s own server or a managed host. Within the controlled Volusion environment, store owners leave the nitty gritty details to Volusion, getting a fully functional store online with minimal effort or technical knowledge.

After a while, however, Volusion store owners often find themselves wanting to move to the Magento platform. Their reasons are simple, and common, for a growing business:

  • Fees. They wanted to be rid of the fees per sale or per product.
  • Capability. They needed expanded capability that the Volusion managed system would not allow unless they paid high fees for custom integrations.
  • Usability. They were struggling with image management and other limitations of the Volusion system.
  • Growth. They have increased the total number of products in their store to the point where Volusion fees are prohibitive.

While Volusion is a great solution for some businesses, others have to consider a move. The most common choice?


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Magento is an open source platform that makes a logical next-step when it comes to growing an online store. However, migrating your content from Volusion to Magento isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Though there are some tools that you can purchase to help you import your Volusion data into Magento, they don’t always work as advertised and require that the settings be perfect in order for your product and customer data to make a smooth transfer.

Volusion data fields and Magento data fields are not a perfect match. In particular, product images struggle in the migration from Volusion to Magento.

White Sunrise has created a tool and a process to make the move from Volusion to Magento seamless, protecting your data and creating a Magento store that is correctly setup and ready for you to use.

Our process looks like this:

  1. Interview. We interview you to get a better understanding for what you need from your store. We’ll let you know what you can expect from us.
  2. Report back. We compile a list of what we need from you, based on our earlier conversation, and get it to you. We’ll also create a proposal for the project. We want to have everything on hand so that once we start, we can make the transfer all at once.
  3. Start the migration. Once we have everything we need from you, we’re ready to move your store from Volusion to Magento. Using our custom migration tool, our developers transfer your data into the new Magento platform.

With a combination of conversation, our custom tools, and our knowledgeable developers, your store’s migration from Volusion to Magento is headache free.

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