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The whole world uses WordPress.

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System on the Internet. It powers the websites and blogs you read every day, with brands and bloggers trusting their best content to WordPress’s capable hands.

A Content Management System (CMS) is a platform design to allow non-developers to update web content without having to write code. WordPress is excellent at managing static page content and blogs, and has earned its popularity for several reasons:

1. WordPress has many themes available.

Due to its widespread use, WordPress has an extremely large number of themes available. Themes are design modifications that control how your WordPress site will look, modifying the appearance of a standard setup. Themes are available for free or for a small fee.

2. WordPress is open source.

The WordPress code is available for anyone to use or build off of at no cost. Open source also allows for developers to create extensions, plugins and modules that they can then share for free or at cost with other developers or companies.

3. WordPress is a flexible platform.

WordPress is flexible because it includes numerous base functions. These include the ability to add and mange content, add links, change general settings and install plugins. Plugins allow WordPress users to customize a website’s functionality. Some widely used plugins allow users to:

  • Social Networking Integration
  • eCommerce: See our WooCommerce Page
  • Comment System
  • Calendar Applications
  • Event and Event Management Applications
  • Forums
  • XML Sitemaps

Because WordPress is open source, it is important to make some base modifications in order to secure it. The WordPress code is not only accessible to developers, but it is also accessible to hackers. This weakness can be overcome by making structural and code modifications that will “harden” the site.

Learn more about how White Sunrise uses WordPress hardening to make your WordPress installation much more secure.

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