API Integration

Connect your data to your software.

Application Programming Interface (API) integration is one of our core competencies. APIs allow two software platforms to talk to each other, each platform sending and collecting data from the other. Without APIs, your important data could not connect and talk to other software.

API integration sounds like something only developers would care about, but it is very likely you are already using (and depending upon) APIs when you are online. API integration allows businesses to connect their existing software to other vendors or third party platforms resulting in a streamlined business process, better business information, enhanced customer experience, real-time data, and more.

API Integration

In the current world, your business is connected across many pieces of software and apps. You have invoicing apps and shopping carts and credit card processing and product databases — the list of software is endless. And unless these tools work together, you spend far too much time doing redundant, manual work.

API integration is crucial to an online eCommerce business.

And that’s where API integration comes in. We help connect your software to each other, saving you time by using automation.

Shipping API

A shipping API allow a company to send and receive information from shipping suppliers such as the US Postal Service. This allows end customers to get accurate shipping pricing on the fly. This API takes the guesswork out of how to charge for the various shipping packages offered by shipping suppliers.

Example: USPS Integration, FedEx Integration, etc.

Retailer Integration API

A retailer integration API allows an organization to push product and inventory information instantly to their retailers, with no manual data entry involved.

Example: eBay Integration, Amazon Integration, etc.

Accounting Integration API

An accounting integration API pushes information from one software platform to the central accounting system, simplifying otherwise onerous manual bookkeeping tasks automatically.

Example: QuickBooks, etc.

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