Make WordPress pay.

WooCommerce is a popular plugin used on many of your favorite WordPress blogs and websites. It makes it easy for you to turn your WordPress site into an eCommerce powerhouse without many of the complexities of other eCommerce solutions. Add products, track sales, and much more, right from your WordPress dashboard.

WooCommerce is the premier eCommerce module for WordPress. It is designed to provide a fully functional standard eCommerce platform on top of a WordPress Installation. WooCommerce is an excellent fit for your website if you:

1. Already use WordPress.

If you already use and like the WordPress content management system, there’s no need to veer from it. You have everything you need with the platform you are already familiar with. Just plug WooCommerce in and keep your workflow in your WordPress dashboard.

2. Don’t want a third party platform.

WooCommerce will work with the site that you’ve already invested time and money in. You can use your WordPress site as your base platform without the trouble of integrating another third party eCommerce platform into your preexisting WordPress installation.

3. Want flexibility in how your online store appears.

WooCommerce is fairly flexible in terms of design and themes. The platform works off of a base theme that can be highly customized to fit the specific design requirements of your WordPress website.

One of the main benefits of using WooCommerce are the large number of extensions and plug-ins that are available for the platform. These extend the capabilities and make it even more flexible.

4. Want lots of store features without complexity.

WooCommerce is relatively easy to use and contains a serious set of base features.

Inventory: A relatively intuitive interface allows administrators to manage inventory/products via the WooCommerce interface

Reporting: WooCommerce comes with a few standard reports, including stock levels, incoming sales, and general store performance.

Taxes: WooCommerce offers the ability configure taxes through the use of local taxes and tax classes.

Discount coupon functionality: Offer your customers discount coupons easily.

Shipping: Flat Rate Shipping and Free Shipping are built in features and are ready for you to use immediately. Shipping extensions provide further flexibility in terms of shipping management and shipping options.

Payment: While PayPal integration is offered out of the box, you may choose to integrate with other payment vendors if you have significant sales volume. Payment extensions are available that offer easier integration with third party payment providers.

As with any content management system or module, it is important to note that plug-ins and extensions can cause conflicts with each other. Therefore, it is important to have an experience development team manage your installation and upgrade process for your WooCommerce/WordPress infrastructure.