Angular JS

A dynamic solution for the web.

AngularJS is the answer to what HTML could not provide. When the web moved beyond static pages, AngularJS had to step in and help out HTML. Without it, your favorite web apps would not be possible as you know them today.

HTML was primarily designed for displaying static content on the web, making it poor at handling the dynamic content in demand today. To make up for this deficiency, toolsets and frameworks like AngularJS have allowed developers to extend HTML to better accommodate the dynamic web applications and dynamic views that have become commonplace on the web today.

AngularJS is popular with developers because:

1. AngularJS is freely available for all developers.

AngularJS is an Open Source Model View Controller (MVC) framework built on JavaScript. Because it is open source, any developer can access and use the framework. AngularJS has an active community to refer to for support and sharing code.

AngularJS is freely available on Github.

2. AngularJS uses frontend development languages.

AngularJS is a framework that functions by creating single page web applications using only frontend development languages. These include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It does not rely on backend server-side languages, such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, or .NET.

There are advantages to this frontend approach:

  • AngularJS apps are “lighter.” Using frontend languages to accomplish dynamic data-driven tasks reduces the burden on the server (backend).
  • AngularJS automatically synchronizes models and views through a two-way data binding. This coordination improves code performance and eases the required QA and testing process.

3. AngularJS is flexible.

When using AngularJS, there is often no need install the entire framework in order to make it work. You do not even have to build the entire application itself on AngularJS, but can utilize other methods.

This makes AngularJS highly flexible when it comes to building an application that fits what you need, opening the door to other frameworks that can add to what AngularJS provides. It is compatible and can work with almost any widely used web technology.

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