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The cloud changed your software.

It used to be that your software was trapped on your hard drive. If you wanted to work, you had to be using a specific device. Cloud computing has changed all of that, with much thanks to PHP.

Traditional software isn’t dead, but more and more software is moving to the cloud. This allows you to access your software anywhere that you have an internet connection. PHP is a software language that is used to develop browser-based software or cloud applications.

PHP is flexible, efficient, powerful, and the variety of cloud-based software that can be created using PHP is virtually limitless. In fact, PHP is the backbone programming language of many of the most powerful websites and software platforms on the Web.

To get a bit more specific, PHP is a “server side” programming language, which means that the work required to power the features and functions of the site is not done locally on the user’s computer. Rather, that processing power takes place on the server.


PHP Cloud Based Architecture

One significant benefit to server-side languages is that functionality of the site tends to be more smooth and consistent from user to user because the features and dynamic functionality of the site does not depend on the resources available on the user’s computer, which can vary widely. This means that whether you are on your grandmother’s dusty old PC, or your brand new, tweaked out MacBook Air, the site will more or less perform more consistently to deliver it’s core functionality because the information and all the heavy lifting takes place in the cloud-based application.

Typically, MySQL databases are a popular compliment to PHP installations. PHP software pulls information from these and displays it to the end user in one of two ways:

  1. As raw data
  2. In a compiled format that is more meaningful to the user

So what types of data is pushed and pulled from these databases? All kinds! A few more common examples are:

  • Customer Account Data
  • Financial Data
  • Analytics Data
  • Geographic Data

PHP allows us to manage access to these databases or to use algorithms to parse and sort the data. Users can also interact with this data in various ways. For example, users may:

  • Change the status of fields within the database
  • Upload new data
  • Dynamically create user-defined algorithms to evaluate data
  • Generate specific reports
  • Search data
  • Sort data
  • Dynamically access or sort data using user-defined parameters

Because PHP is such a flexible and powerful language, it’s become White Sunrise’s go-to solution for many of the advanced cloud software applications and software API’s created by our team of highly-skilled developers. We’ve developed a reputation as PHP experts for a reason, and we’d love to discuss your next project with you.

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