Bongo – Magento Module

About Bongo And Magento

The Bongo Magento Module was designed to integrate Bongo, an international shipping solution provider, with Magento, a popular open source eCommerce Platform.
Bongo/Magento Connector Demo

Bongo International is an excellent solution for international shipping. Bongo provides tremendous value by helping merchants overcome the obstacles typically found in international shipping by handling the entire fulfillment process, which including shipping, customs, and fraud prevention.

By using the Bongo system, merchants simply need to fulfill orders domestically, letting Bongo the details and requirements of international shipping.

Magento is the premier open source solution for online merchants that carry catalogs in excess of 1,000 products (SKUs). Magento is known for its features, which allow for flexibility and scalability for business with larger ecommerce needs.

The Bongo/Magento module integrates the Bongo International fulfillment application with the Magento checkout and administrative back-end. There are two requirements to make this happen: PHP-libxml and PHP-SOAP

Administrative Back-end

Through the administrative backend, merchants can set up and manage their Bongo integration configuration. The administrative backend gives merchants the ability to enter:

  • Partner Key
  • CheckoutID
  • Exclusion Countries
  • Free Domestic Shipping (Optional Setting)
  • Callback URL
  • Transfer Type
  • Order Confirmation Emails


Shopping Experience / UI

The Bongo / Magento connector integrates the standard Magento shopping cart and checkout process with Bongo’s international fulfillment platform. During the checkout process users are provided with international specific shipping options and at the appropriate time are directed to the Bongo Specific checkout. The international checkout steps are visually depicted in the screen shots below:


Bongo Shopping Cart


Bongo Checkout

Bongo Shipping

Bongo Cart Review

Bongo Payment


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