Javascript Development

JavaScript powers the web.

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in use today. It is commonly used inside of web browsers to give users a broad range of experiences when using websites and apps. It is also used in environments that aren’t web-based, such as a desktop widget or a PDF. Chances are very good that JavaScript is something you’re making use of right now.

To be honest, cloud software would be a bit lost without JavaScript. JavaScript is most often used to create interactive functions that are embedded into HTML pages.

JavaScript can also access AJAX to transmit information to a database without having to refresh the page for a user. This means that users can enter information more quickly without having to save and refresh each time.

JavaScript may also be used to collect web analytics, tracking user behavior while they navigate a website. Once this information is collected, you might use it to personalize content for a user, measure important data points, or simply to understand user behavior.

White Sunrise uses JavaScript in many ways, including:

  • Moving or re-sizing items on a web page.
  • Creating images that move or scroll.
  • Implementing video content.
  • Creating games and other interactive forms of content.

JavaScript is related to Java, another programming language with a similar name, but they are not the same. JavaScript copies some of the names and naming conventions from Java, but that is where the relation ends.

Without JavaScript, many of web sites and cloud applications you use regularly would be impossible.

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