Custom Web Portal

About Web Portals

Web portals are everywhere on the internet. Any time you access your account on a website, you are using a web portal. As business moves online and customers increasingly look to the web to purchase and manage their information, web portals are a must.

For your business, a web portal will allow customers to manage their account, securely communicate, buy products, or gain access to resources without having to reach out via phone or email. Most companies are migrating to having at least some customer interaction take place through a web portal. Web portals improve and help automate the customer communication and order process.

Web portal applications vary, but they often include the following functionality:

  1. Account updates. Customers can login to their account and access and change their contact and billing information.
  2. Account history access. Customers can login to see their billing and order history.
  3. Resource access. Customers can login to gain access to resources available only to those with an account. This might include forums, discussion groups, or various files.
  4. Customer-specific ecommerce. Customers can login to access custom product pricing based on their distributor account level. They might also re-order products using an application.
  5. Communication repository. Customers can login to access all of the communication they have had with a business or with other individuals.

White Sunrise creates custom web portals that are unique to your business needs. Whether you are helping customers gain access to files or simply want to provide improved customer service, a custom web portal is high on the list of considerations.

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