Magento Development

Magento makes selling easy.

Magento is the premier open-source eCommerce platform for high performing, large volume eCommerce stores. Magento’s features are all about scalability and flexibility, making it the best option for larger eCommerce entities.

Magento is popular because it allows users a great deal of freedom in how their online store works. It comes with “quality of life” features that other platforms don’t have.

  • It is a platform. Magento has it all, from email, sales, reporting, content management, newsletters, a catalog system, and more. It is a true platform in every sense of the word.
  • It is flexible. Whether through plugins or custom-developed modules, Magento makes it possible to customize your online store to fit exactly what you need.
  • It is open source. Magento is open source, meaning it is free, yes, but it also encourages innovation and development within its community. There are many people working with Magento, helping each other and solving problems using the platform.

Developers love to work with Magento because it is an open source and because it is a platform that is “friendly” towards them. When customers come to a developer with a specific need or solution, Magento actually allows developers to write custom modules to make it happen. That is how it is meant to work. Other ecommerce solutions are not as flexible as Magento, forcing developers to try and hack and bend a rigid system to deliver what the customer needs.

There are several standard platform options, or Magento editions, to choose from, based on what you need. Let’s take a look at them, and see where your project fits in.

The Enterprise Edition is the best fit for you if you require:

1. Advanced server setup.

If you have multiple servers communicating with one or more databases, Magento’s Enterprise Version is your best bet. This version handles larger catalogs better than the community edition, with an ability to index those large catalogs more efficiently.

2. Fast product updates.

When it comes to updating your products, the Enterprise Edition works at a faster speed than other versions of Magento. It also includes full page caching.

3. Complex customer segmentation.

With the Enterprise Edition, you have the ability to manage customer attributes to a greater extent,  segmenting your customers for marketing purposes. It also includes and out of the box gift wrapping application at no additional charge. Enterprise is also PCI compliant.

Magento Technical support is included in the yearly cost of Magento Enterprise.

The Magento Community Edition is the best choice for you if you require:

1. Free and open source software.

Magento Community Edition is attractive to many businesses because it is free and open source, unlike the Enterprise Edition. Open source software simply means that the code is freely available to the community. Any Magento developer can download and configure an installation at no cost.

This makes it an ideal solution for businesses who have ecommerce needs but are watching their budget.

2. Customization of your ecommerce software.

Because Magento Community Edition is open source, it makes it easy for developers to customize the installation. Modules, extensions, and plug-ins are also available for sale in the Magento store. You can buy pre-written code, or have your developer create them. Either way, your Community Edition installtion can be completely customized to fit your needs.

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