CakePHPCakePHP is an open-source web application framework built off of PHP that helps developers build web applications faster with less code. It uses commonly held software development concepts. CakePHP came out shortly before the CodeIgniter framework and the Zend framework. Some of the inspiration for Cake PHP came from the concepts and conventions of Ruby on Rails.

At a glance, CakePHP is:

Open Source: Cake PHP is licensed under the MIT license. This license was designed to accommodate licensing for free and/or open source software licenses. All copies of CakePHP must include a copy of the MIT license terms.

MVC Based: CakePHP is an MVC framework (Model View Controller). An MVC framework is a system by which users manipulate an application thorough a controller.

Cross Platform: Cake PHP is cross platform and utilizes associated data mapping and Model View Controllers (MVC’s).

No DB Configuration: When using the Cake PHP framework, a developer is not required to use XML to interact with a database. There is no database configuration required.

Community Supported: Every year there is an annual Cake Conference entitled “CakeFest.” CakeFest has been held all over the world in countries such as Argentina, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. Visit the Cake Foundation for more information on CakePHP.