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Developing Your eCommerce Website: 3 Essential Things to Consider

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Want to build an online presence, to start your own online business? The first thing clients look for these days is an eCommerce website. So if you haven’t got one yet, you might just be missing out on an important marketing tool that would help you reach out and connect to your customers, when—and where—it matters to them. Here are a few tips from Hongkiat on how you could make the most out of your eCommerce site.

Website Development

One of the major decisions you have to make regarding your site is to hire a good website developer, one that understands what you need, your vision, even your goals and long-term business strategy. All these are important to ensure the website developer has the right idea and direction in mind. eCommerce website development involves more than putting words and images on a page. It should involve directions for content as well as navigation and design.

Compatibility should be factored in as well. You could ask the website developer for three studies so you can check out how accurate the designs are, in terms of capturing what you wanted and needed, or how massive the adjustments and revisions would have to be.

Branding and Personality

There are, of course, countless sites out there. All trying to do the same thing you are. All trying to outrun and outperform each other. That’s why it’s important that your eCommerce site reflects a unique personality, one that must be tied to your product/service branding. Uniqueness that doesn’t connect to your product/service is useless. From a marketing perspective, you’ve got to step out with the idea that everything you do shows your hand. Everything is a reflection of who you are and what kind company and service you stand for. If you succeed in getting all that into your message, into your content, into the way your website is designed, then you’ll have an excellent chance of grabbing a good slice of the consumer pie.

Navigation and Compatibility

Choose a web design that’s simple to use and easy to navigate. Given the rise of mobile internet in the last few years, it’s only wise to ensure that your site is adjusted for mobile compatibility. SmartInsights says users spend about 51 percent of their time on mobile digital media these days rather than on desktops. With that many people on mobile, you can’t afford to turn them away just because your site isn’t mobile-friendly. So make sure to add that one to your checklist on eCommerce website development essentials.

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Jeff TormeyDeveloping Your eCommerce Website: 3 Essential Things to Consider

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