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Website Usability and APIs: What Visitors Like to See on Websites

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Drawing customers into a website consists of having more than some type of fancy looking graphics or content since no matter how good the graphics look or how great the content is, if the user interface is terrible then it is unlikely that they will stay on the site for long.

How Customers Lose Interest

When it comes to attracting and retaining customers on a website, usability is one of the main factors that customers look for. As explained earlier, graphics and content mean very little if navigating the site is incredibly difficult. Examples of ill conceived website interfaces come in the form of drop down menus with too many options. A lack of sufficient search protocols, randomized information presentation, necessity of account creation prior to utilization and other similar methods of interaction that detract from a site’s usage. This is one of the reasons why it is highly recommended that before a website is published online, it should undergo an examination and possible revamping by an API developer in order to determine whether significant changes need to be implemented.

What is API?

An API (also known as an Application Program Interface) can be called as set of building blocks for creating a variety of software applications or graphical user interfaces. The main purpose of an API is thus to make it easier for developers to create programs or enable average users to properly utilize a website or a set of applications. Thus, API development is seen in a large percentage of present day programming and is responsible for many of the applications that we see today. When it comes to websites, the implementation of API can range from the installation of additional apps meant to assist users such as Google Apps or those that are meant to assist developers such as Blogger Data API.

Why Does a Website need API?

In essence, the use of APIs are meant to streamline the process of development and introduce tools that make it easier for users to utilize a site to its fullest potential. This is one of the reasons why the implementation of proper API in website development is so important, you need to be able to match the API you need with the type of user experience that you want visitors to have. The more pleasant a user’s experience is, the more likely they are of repeatedly visiting a site or buy something from it.

All in all, it can be stated that utilizing API developers is necessary for proper website development, since without them it is likely that the difficulty of the interface of the website would cause users to go elsewhere.

Jeff TormeyWebsite Usability and APIs: What Visitors Like to See on Websites

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