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The Qualities of a Great PHP Web Development Company

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If anything’s to be said of a quality PHP development company, it’s that results matter more than anything. Here at White Sunrise, we don’t put as much weight on degrees as we put on actual experience. After all, anyone can learn to code for free, as DailyTekk points out – and it’s the practice that makes perfect.

The difference between beginning and quality web development companies doesn’t just lie in the years, but in the code. It’s all in the code.

Clean Code Consistency

Code is never written in a vacuum – and that’s a golden rule. Every line, every function, every aspect of the web development process is a work-in-progress – and properly-written code makes for an easy way to come back and revise functions in the future. Sloppy code, however, makes revision a total nightmare, and is a sign of inexperience.

It’s also a question of ideology. We believe that, even under the hood, sloppiness will always come back to haunt you. And like SmartBear points out, that’s the kind of attention-to-detail that put Steve Jobs’ products ahead of the competition. It can do the same for you.

When looking for a PHP web development company, we recommend taking some example code and asking a forum of experienced web developers how clean the code appears. Like writing, coding can be done in a number of different ways to achieve the same result. And not all forms of coding are equal.

A Transparent Development Process

A quality PHP web development company will go through the steps of the development process with you, explaining the considerations to be made, and the reasoning behind an established timeframe.

If a company can’t take the time to go through the development process with you, then chances are that they’re not giving you the attention you deserve as an esteemed client.

If you have any questions at all, ask away – a great development company will be happy to explain anything to you, if it helps ease your mind and ensure you on the quality of its service.

Proper Communication

White Sunrise is a company that esteems quality customer care – not for the sake of decorum, but because without an established line of communication, the entire coding process could go in the wrong direction. Mishaps and miscommunications happen often within the IT industry, but we take care to make sure they’re resolved as quickly as possible.

We challenge you to contact us and ask away with any questions you may have about PHP and the development process we would implement for your company – we can get started today on building and improving your website with clean code, fixed databases and responsive functions.

Jeff TormeyThe Qualities of a Great PHP Web Development Company

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