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Harnessing the Power of PHP5 and The Cloud

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We see it all the time. Someone has an otherwise successful business, loyal customers, and a commitment to serve them well, but their technology solution is an Excel spreadsheet, rubber bands, and half a roll of duct tape. If that’s been working for you, that’s great, but these days, you can just simply do better.

Whatever it is you do, we can work with you to leverage new technologies like PHP, the cloud, and eCommerce to take your business or next million dollar idea into the stratosphere. The internet has allowed us to create some pretty powerful software applications that keep businesses connected, in sync, and on track to serve their customers more efficiently. We can do the same for you.

Hayden WreyfordHarnessing the Power of PHP5 and The Cloud
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Why Every Website Should Be Responsive

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve likely had a front row seat as mobile devices have proliferated right before your eyes. They’re everywhere. And while a laptop was enough to make you “mobile” just a few short years ago, now it’s more likely that you have a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone and now use all three as a part of your workflow.

Now, consider Morgan Stanley’s report that mobile traffic will surpass desktop traffic in 2014. That’s right. Mobile traffic, defined as those who access the internet from a smartphone or tablet device, will surpass all internet traffic accessed from a desktop or laptop computer this year.

In light of this fact, it begs the question as to why there are still prominent internet sites out there that offer miserable experiences on mobile devices. Even sites that would seem to cater to a more technical demographic make for awful browsing on mobile.

Hayden WreyfordWhy Every Website Should Be Responsive
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