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Harnessing the Power of PHP5 and The Cloud

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We see it all the time. Someone has an otherwise successful business, loyal customers, and a commitment to serve them well, but their technology solution is an Excel spreadsheet, rubber bands, and half a roll of duct tape. If that’s been working for you, that’s great, but these days, you can just simply do better.

Whatever it is you do, we can work with you to leverage new technologies like PHP, the cloud, and eCommerce to take your business or next million dollar idea into the stratosphere. The internet has allowed us to create some pretty powerful software applications that keep businesses connected, in sync, and on track to serve their customers more efficiently. We can do the same for you.

When it comes to PHP application development, we have one of the most experienced and most versatile teams around. We’re based right here in Atlanta, but we’re helping clients all over the country increase their bottom line and serve their customers better. We can help you, too.

Leveraging eCommerce

When it comes to improving your business, there are few things you can do to offer more flexibility and convenience to customers than implementing a powerful, flexible eCommerce solution. These days, consumers are online more than they are in-store. In order to thrive in this new business environment, you must meet consumers where they are–on the web.

Specifically, you must be ready to meet them on their smartphones and tablet devices. The difference between you and your competition may only be how easy it is to buy from you. If you are able to meet consumers where they are and facilitate the process of doing business with you on their terms, you are setting yourself up for the long-term win.

One of our favorite tools to set clients up with are PHP-based shopping carts like Magento. When it comes to eCommerce solutions, Magento is the best of the best. It powers the shopping carts on some of the most powerful eCommerce sites in the world, including Nike, Office Max, and many more. We specialize in shopping cart implementations and the PHP development required to make them work flawlessly.

Think Of Us As Your U-Haul For the Cloud

There is little doubt that the cloud has become the place where businesses of the future will thrive. The Internet and our always-on world have pushed users there, and the businesses that will thrive are the ones who are willing to pick up shop and move there. You need a partner who is fluent in PHP and the other languages of the cloud and is fully ready to help you relocate there and see to it that you thrive. And our team here in Atlanta is exactly who you need at your side, coaching you along.

White Sunrise began as a web development and cloud-based software firm in 2008, but has since emerged to be one of the premier software development firms in the Southeast. White Sunrise has repeatedly demonstrated a knack for solving complex problems with innovative solutions, and clients have shown their approval of this collaborative success with their repeat business.

We don’t make magic. We just love solving big problems with great software. We know that your success is our success, and we approach every project with that in mind.

Hayden WreyfordHarnessing the Power of PHP5 and The Cloud

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